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Blue Cougars began as an imaginary band.
Adrian (drums), Erin (bass) and Nick (guitar) are Blue Cougars.

The band's debut album Behind You! was recorded live off the floor at Wildlife Sanctuary Studios in April 2017. Blue Cougars' sound combines elements of blues, jazz and rock. Mixed by Erin, the eight-track Behind You! explores classic movie monsters through their signature Tarantino-esque/rock'n'roll/lounge-Cramps style. The Cougs were recently back in the studio with some new tracks, continuing to explore their adventurous sound.

Adrian Pasen has played drums, keyboard, guitar and bass with bands in Toronto and Berlin, including ADHD The Band, Love Anna, Broadband, all-female Nirvana tribute band Hervana, Tim Isherwood and Chinawoman/Michelle Gurevich (Party Girl).

Nick Cousins is a guitarist, vocalist and harmonica player. He is a music teacher with a Masters in Fine Arts studying Musicology.

Erin Cousins is a vocalist, bassist and keyboard player. She mixes and produces The Cougz recordings. Erin also plays bass in Toronto's all-female Nirvana tribute band Hervana. She also does the visual art for The Cougz.

Nice Things

"Great job! You guys are difficult to define." - promoter from The Horseshoe Tavern

"I like your sound, but I'm afraid it's not quite the right fit for the Local. We lean predominantly towards acoustic, and from the videos I've seen your sound is a great deal more powerful than that." - Promoter from The Local

Jim Bravo of Hollow Earth on Wake Up: "Everything good from the 90's..."



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